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FreshLocal Birthday One Arrives Next Week – Please Come to the Party!

November 11, 2010

So much to do and so little time, it always seems that we’ll never catch up, but lo and behold – next week we will have been open for one full year! Over the year, we’ve assembled quite an impressive array of local food producers, whose wares we proudly feature, and we’ve been concentrating on stocking our shelves with all the accompanying products it takes to create a full-service grocery. We’re happy with the result.

Next Friday, November 19, from 5 o’clock on, we’ll host a birthday party to celebrate. We’ll have food and beverages, entertainment, local producers to meet, and lots of fun. Look for the balloons to guide you and assure you that there’s a party in progress.

Thank you to our wonderful customers, who show up faithfully, give us lots of encouragement, offer suggestions, and keep us smiling. You are the reason we’re still here, the community we’re trying to do our part to build. It seems to be working, so let’s give it a go for another year!

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