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A bloomin’ volunteer opportunity – Kids’ Gardens

July 26, 2010

Naval Avenue School located at 900 Olympic Avenue, which also houses the Boys and Girls Club of Bremerton,  has a fine set of raised bed gardens already in place where crops of lettuce, tomatoes and squash are growing right now.  Pam Schnieder, volunteer coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club, has taken responsibility for tending the garden this summer and planning the winter garden.

StartNow Gardens, produce supplier for Freshlocal, is just a few blocks away from Naval Avenue School, and Jean and Glenn have naturally taken a role in developing the gardens.  Now we’re involved in planning and plant production for the coming winter.

We think this is a marvelous opportunity to bring some valuable education and good local food to a great group of kids, and to develop a model which could be copied in many other schools in our community.  There is lots of room for volunteers to contribute time, knowledge and other resources, and make this a stellar project that keeps on giving fresh, local food to many families in our town.   Naval Avenue School only goes to 3rd grade, but the Boys and Girls Club after school program also involves older kids from all over town.

We’ll set up a program to work in the garden, and to provide training and supervision for kids and their parents to learn how to garden, plus advice for interested families on how to create gardens of their own at home.  We have high hopes that this project will have legs and lead to school gardens and home grown food in schools all over Bremerton.

StartNow will organize volunteer scheduling and activities, and FreshLocal will serve as a hub for gathering volunteer contact information and contributions.  We’ll take cash donations to purchase seeds, tools, library materials and such, and gardening related items that could be useful.

The basic resources, the gardens themselves, are already there.  Let’s put them to best use!  Please sign up, and let us know if you’re available for a one-shot work party or ongoing involvement.  This will be fun!

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