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March 23, 2010

Just when we were ready to launch all sorts of new plans, new products, new arrangements for a more vibrant and successful FreshLocal, construction on the long-awaited beautification of Pacific Avenue commenced, our street was closed at the Pacific end (the usual source of most of our traffic) and our world changed.  We see businesses struggling behind construction scenes all the time and think it must be tough.  Well, it is.  We’re more difficult to reach, and the result is quite noticeable.  We’re tightening our belts, and just hoping that enough of our lovely customers will make the extra effort to find us, and keep us going until that happy day when the new and beautiful Pacific Avenue reopens, traffic flow normalizes, and we can pick up our enthusiastic progress where we left off.

Meanwhile, we carry on, and tomorrow we welcome Mary Hensley, the former Peace Corps worker who went back to the tribes she worked with during her service and assisted them in forming the Eighth Wonder Heirloom Rice company to distribute the beautiful  grains they raise by hand on the high mountain terraces of a remote area of the Phillipines.  National Geographic Traveler magazine featured the area in its October 2009 Anniversary Issue, and you can glimpse the spectacular scenes that inspired that choice on the company website  Mary will cook rice, show slides and talk about her experiences and how the company has preserved the ancient traditions that have fostered the grains over the centuries.  We expect her to arrive around 10 and to be in the store to meet you all at least until one.

We’ll be serving soup (Italian Wedding w/meatballs and Potato vegetable) and stocking the produce table with local rhubarb and braising greens, and the largest, sweetest grapefruits, the grand finale of the season.  We hope to see you there.

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