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Lots of news from FreshLocal

March 5, 2010

It’s been way too long since my last post, and it’s not because I’ve been lazing around.  It’s because there has been so much happening that I couldn’t catch a moment to write about it.  Spring is upon us, lot’s of new growth, in the store and out.

Our beloved Lisamarie, who has been the mainstay keeping the store going since the beginning, has moved to Chehalis with her family, and left some mighty big shoes to fill!  Luckily, some wonderful new people, Holly, Jenny, Gordon and Semeon, have stepped up to take on management duties.  They had some short but intensive training from Lisamarie, and are proving quite capable of doing all the complicated tasks that must be done.  Heartfelt thank you and fare thee well to Lisamarie, and big welcome to new staff!

I’m finding more and more connections to local food all the time, and some wonderful new distribution options that will enable us to bring them into the store, even when the source isn’t quite close enough for the farmers or makers to bring the food themselves.  Look for lots of additions to our product lines as we move farther into the new season and solidify these contacts.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that we’re getting ready to publish a brand new website,!  It will feature regularly updated pages providing our current menus, highlighting local producers, listing current fresh offerings, keeping up with local food news, and giving gardening and cooking information.  It will be a site you’ll want to visit often.  Look for the big publication announcement within the next month.

Then get ready for a wonderful summer!  FreshLocal will be a regular participant in the reorganized and dynamic downtown market throughout the summer, and will participate in local events such as the Future Festival and the Olalla Bluegrass Festival.

The big rains are over for a while, and we’re ready to shine!

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