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EBT and Oysters

January 28, 2010

There is so much new at FreshLocal these days, it’s tough to know where to start, but for us, a big welcome to EBT customers is the most exciting news.  After months (no kidding) of red tape, we are now approved to accept EBT cards for food purchases, have our machine installed, and we’re ready to go!

This month we welcome new local producer Hood Canal Oyster Company.  They are bringing us fresh live oysters from their own beds every Tuesday.  Rave reviews from those who have tried them.  We’re expecting steamer clams and Dungeness crabs when the time is right as well.

Yesterday we received our first shipment of garden seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, selected from our decades of growing experience as the best varieties for flavor, productivity, reliability, and success in our climate and growing conditions.  FreshLocal will have programs to recognize, support and reward home gardeners in our community for doing their part to promote the local food cause in our community.  To get started, we recommend that you send for your own Johnny’s catalog, which is so jam packed with detailed gardening information and instruction that it could be a college text on the subject.  Copies are available to peruse in the store, and you can order your own copy online at or call 1-877-564-6697.

During January, we have concentrated on bringing in lots more stock to expand our selection of foods.  We are bringing in more produce, 100% organic, to tide us over this season of minimum local availability.  This includes salad ingredients (lettuce, mesclun, baby spinach, arugula), peak-season Texas Rio-Star grapefruit, mushrooms and garnet yams.

Responding to requests, we now have gluten free bread in the freezer, competing for space with Greek Gods Baklava ice cream and a sweet selection of Ciao Bella sorbets.

Now here’s the big news about soup!  Two hot soup every day for lunch, of course, one with meat and one vegetarian, but also we now have an extensive selection of soups frozen in quarts to take home for supper.  Every one is prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients, organic when feasible.  The frozen soups are not leftovers!  They are frozen fresh as soon as they are ready, to preserve flavor at its peak.  They represent ethnic cuisines from around the world and include some good old comfort food varieties as well.  These jam-packed-with-goodies soups make a meal.

Look for more locally made and frozen offerings in February.  Lasagna, our own signature mac and cheese, tamale pie and more.  These will be frozen in single servings so you can purchase precisely what you need for your family.

Thank you, all you new customers who came in this month!  Please tell all your friends that you get smiles, information and conversation along with excellent food when you shop FreshLocal. The more support we receive from our community, the more we can grow to be the full service, very special store you want us to be.

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