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New year, new products, new plans

January 12, 2010

We’ve settled in at 540 Fourth Street, although we still don’t have a real sign, and we’re concentrating on expanding the range of our stock, trying to think about what people need and want to create meals with fresh, nutritious high quality foods.  We’re trying to keep prices down in these days of rapidly rising food prices by sticking generally with whole and minimally processed foods.  We know that means more cooking than many people are used to, but we plan to offer help with a series of cooking videos on our website.

Meanwhile, we’re aiming to provide convenience food as well, primarily with a full roster of soups, prepared with fresh ingredients and served hot for lunch or frozen in quarts at their flavor peak.  Each one packs a lot of nutrition.  Here’s the roster for this week:

Tuesday – Guinness beef stew and butternut squash with apple

Wednesday – Spicy African chicken and veg and Italian vegetable bean

Thursday – Swedish meatball w/capers and potato mushroom barley

Friday – Tex-Mex chili and Moroccan chickpea and veg

Saturday – Pork potato and greens dijon and Singapore vegetable curry

We plan to keep all of these in stock in frozen quarts and come up with a roster of ten more next week.

We can’t raise every kind of food in our county, and we still buy many from “outside,” but we’re particularly proud to be carrying four varieties of heirloom rice from the Eighth Wonder Company, a group of Philippine farmers who raise their traditional crops on remote mountain terraces and process it by hand.  Explore their website at and see why we feature these items.   Connecting our food with the faces of the people who produce it is one of our most important goals for FreshLocal.

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