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FreshLocal says – Welcome to our store!

November 6, 2009

The t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted, our licenses and permits are in our hands, and the FreshLocal Open House is set to go tomorrow, Friday, from 3 until 8.  The weather may not be great, but it will probably better than it was today, so please come.  We’re eager to meet you.  There will be some food to sample, some lovely live music, and us, your local food producers, ready to give you a look at what you can expect to find at 540 Fourth Street.


We’re introducing a new concept here in Bremerton – food with faces, the real people who raise the crops, mind the herds, milk the cows, stir the soup and bake the goodies.  We are individuals and families.  We live near you, and we know people you know.  We can answer your questions and respond to your needs.  We’re making the kind of community connections in a business like we’ve never known before, and if feels mighty good!


The store is not open for business tomorrow.  The open house is just a party, an opportunity for us to meet each other.  When will we actually be open?  Give us a few more days to bring in more stock, get it arranged, get used to our new premises.  We’ll definitely let you know.


When we open, we will be offering hot soup, sandwiches, salads and baked goods for lunches and suppers as well as our line of groceries, all consistent with our basic commitment to fresh and local, the reason we’re here.  These foods will be prepared by our members and employees at the Evergreen Kitchen, across the street from the store, an unusual partnership which has greatly expanded the scope of our offerings.


Meanwhile, we’ll gather tomorrow with big smiles.  Hope to see you there.



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