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When is opening day?

October 20, 2009

Sorry, can’t say yet.  We need approvals from the City of Bremerton and the County Health Department.  We’ve submitted the applications and now we’re waiting.  We’ve had help and cooperation from all the functionaries we’ve encountered so far, so we have high hopes that it won’t be long.

Meanwhile, we’re buying stock and supplies, so that when we get the stamp of approval we’ll be able to make the big announcement in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, let’s have an exciting discussion about bags and other containers.  You already know that we will have many bulk commodities and very few in boxes or cans.  We will have clear plastic bags to contain your rolled oats and beans, but if you bring in your own clean containers to put them in, that’s better.  We’ll subtract the weight of the container before weighing the product.

For produce, we’ve purchased some thin cloth washable, reusable drawstring bags, which we will resell to you at cost, so that you won’t need to use more plastic bags to bring home and fill your closets.

For carrying your purchases out of the store, we sincerely hope you will bring your own reusable shopping bags.  We will have some for sale if you forgot or need more, and we will have the usual plastic carry bags if all else fails.

We hope to offer fresh, hot soup for carry-out lunch, and wonder if you would care to bring your own or buy reusable containers from us to hold it.  There are plenty of compostable carryout containers now, but no trash is better.

There is still no sign in the window, but you know where we are, and if you look through the now clean window, you can see that a store is taking shape.  We’re around more these days, setting things up, and if you come by and we’re there, you’re welcome to step inside, say hello and take a look.

Soon, now.  Really soon.

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