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October 12, 2009

A reader has asked me a question about the $20 at a time limit on FreshBucks purchases, so I can see I need to clarify.

First of all, FreshBucks will be used to purchase locally grown produce only.  There is no limit to spending on other items for sale in the store.  You are free to run up a huge bill on milk, eggs, cheese, eggs, beans, grains, coffee, tea, laundry soap, and what-all.  Please do!

Second, the reason for the $20 limit on fresh, local produce is only for the purpose of inventory management.  We want crops to stay connected to the earth for as long as possible for freshness, and so we will limit the quantity producers bring us at any given time, and if any one customer bought an unusually large quantity at one time, that would put too big a dent in our inventory for that day and would likely leave other customers short.

Third, if you want an unusually large quantity of some items (say you’re planning a big party or something) we can accomodate you if you make your request in advance. Then we can order in our regular amount plus yours, and everybody is happy.

We are, and will remain, a small store, and so shopping with us will be a different experience from shopping at a supermarket, and we think, overall, in a good way.

Thanks for your understanding.


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