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October 12, 2009

Here is your opportunity to support FreshLocal and save some money too! We’re starting an ongoing program called FreshBucks. Borrowing the concept from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a wildly popular way to buy produce direct from a farm by subscribing for a season, paying in advance for produce delivered weekly throughout the season, FreshLocal will also offer subscriptions. Since we will be a year round store, you can renew your subscription at any time, and receive multiple discounts. It will be in effect a multi-farm CSA, produce contributions from all around the area, and you can choose what you like from among them. Spend your FreshBucks on any fresh fruit and vegetables supplied by our member farms.

Here’s how it works. You pay us $349, and in return you receive $400 in fresh produce from our store. You can spend your FreshBucks any time you want for up to one year, and you can choose what you want to spend it on! (Please, no more than $20 worth at a time, for the sake of inventory management.)

You can subscribe now by mailing a check to FreshLocal at 1134 Bloomington Ave. in Bremerton 98312(no mailbox at the store) or wait for the Grand Opening. The one year time frame for using your FreshBucks will start on opening day, or on the day you subscribe, if that comes later.

Speaking of opening day, when will that happen? I wish I had a definite answer, but not yet. We’ve made great progress. The lease is signed. The remodeling work is complete (New floor, paint and repairs). We’ve made some large equipment purchases, but they have yet to be delivered. We’ve ordered some stock, but need the equipment (shelving, refrigeration, etc.) before we can take delivery. We’re eager to open the doors, but some things can’t be rushed.

Quite a few of you have offered volunteer help. Well now is the time to let us know about your time availability and what kind of help you have to offer. We can use help hauling deliveries into the store, setting up shelving, placing items on shelves, and more I haven’t thought of yet. Let’s start using our FreshLocal email for communications. We’d love to hear from you.

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