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FreshLocal has a home!

September 8, 2009

We’ve decided on the downtown location, 540 Fourth Street, and now we move into the busy, exciting phase of constructing and furnishing our space.  As soon as we can get access to the space, we’ll be building our walk-in cooler and start moving in the equipment.

We have lined up suppliers, and here is what you can expect to find fresh in our store from local producers:

Vegetables and fruit, eggs, raw milk from goats and cows, cheese, grains and honey, all sustainably raised.

In addition, we will have meats from local sustainably raised animals, processed locally and sold frozen, baked goods from a local bakery, and a line of value added products prepared locally, using mainly local products and sold packaged or frozen.  Our coffee will be organic, direct sourced beans roasted locally and delivered fresh.

We will offer information about all our suppliers, so that you will really know where your food comes from!

Our local food supply is pretty complete, but we will supplement these offerings with bulk organic beans, grains, flours, spices, teas, and other commodities,  and include some organic personal care products and environmentally friendly washing products.

We invite customer suggestions, and will choose other products that fit within our guidelines of reducing shipping, processing and packaging costs which deplete energy resources and harm the environment.  We will try to operate the store with those guidelines in mind, as well.  We will be using energy efficient heating, plan to install energy efficient lighting to replace old fluorescent fixtures, and to put in an energy efficient hand dryer to avoid using paper towels.  We will (vigorously) invite customers to bring their own reusable bags and boxes for carrying out their purchases.

Please keep watching the blog.  I’ll be posting often as we move ahead.

Please send your comments or questions to me at   See you soon!

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