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FreshLocal – the store – is still coming soon

September 2, 2009

We’re sad to say that we won’t be sharing space with the new Hi-Lo bakery on 15th St.  It turned out that the space available to us was just too small.  We couldn’t put in our walk-in cooler (which is essential), we tried, but were unable to expand the building, and so that was that.  We wished each other great success in our respective ventures, hugged, and parted ways.

I held off posting in hopes that we could announce our new site, but we can’t be certain yet, and it was really time to let people know that the store is still very much happening, and we’re still very much working as hard as we can to stick to the mid-October opening.  We have lined up suppliers and will be able to offer a full roster of locally sourced foods, including some locally produced value added products.

We haven’t settled on a location yet, but it’s down to a decision between two excellent possibilities.  Look for the announcement next week.  There is a mountain of paperwork to complete and a jungle of bureaucratic requirements to meet, but we’re highly motivated and working hard on getting it all done.

We plan to post at least weekly from now on, so come back and keep track of what’s new.

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